Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Scuzz UK Throwdown Tour. Press To Meco, ALLUSONDRUGS, Max Raptor at the Rainbow, Review. (22/2/16)

The first band to play at the very first Scuzz TV Throwdown Tour was Orca. Scuzz is 'The UK's Favourite Rock and Metal TV station'* and the UK Throwdown tour consists of three bands touring up and down the country. Press to Meco, ALLUSONDRUGS, and Max Raptor, all get to headline different dates, and no one knows until the night of the gig who goes last.
Not only were Orca playing the first night on this tour this was also their first ever gig. The local lads played a decent set of originals and covers. Which I didn't watch. Sorry lads.
The last time I saw Press To Meco was also the last time I saw ALLUSONDRUGS live at the flapper last year. For some reason I liked them a lot more this time around than I did the last time I saw them. What I do really like about them is that they seem like a band completely free of ego. They all dressed completely in black, they all sung together. unlike most bands  Press To Meco  are an autocracy, everyone plays an equal part. I'm really impressed at their musical ability, such  as their guitarist's double tapping. They remind me a lot of Biffy Clyro, both the crazy early Biffy Clyro and the massive stadium ready Biffy. Press to Meco are the best of both worlds. Their songs are both huge, with massive rock riffs but also a technical skill and melodic touch that their peers can't match. Their set was full of energy and rock star poses. The best thing about Press to Meco is how much fun they make it all look, and how much fun they are to see live.

I often wonder why ALLUSONDRUGS are not huge. They might be wondering themselves because the band I saw this time round seemed just a bit more professional. They no longer look like they climbed out of 1969, a few of them have had haircuts. They've got some new threads and they can now (almost) make an entire show without falling over or pretending to give each other blowjobs. While watching them play with a metal bar separating them from the audience did feel a bit like watching a lion behind a cage.  But the upside is that they now look and sound like a band who can take on the world. Their lead guitarist looks fantastic with his new blue hair, and vintage threads. Their grungey tunes are still really loud. Sunset Yellow, I should Have Gone To Uni and Am I Weird, were all standout tunes, though I still feel that their first single ' Nervous' is their best song. They may have cleaned themselves up a bit but their sound is still as dirty and as loud as ever.

What's new in Birmingham? asked Will Ray, singer of the brilliantly named midlands rockers Max Raptor. A typically apathetic murmur followed, until I shouted 'New Train Station!'. That's been there for ages, he replied. 'But were not here to talk about public transport'. He was right, Max Raptor were there to rock. I had come to watch ALLUSONDRUGS  but within Minutes Max Raptor had earned the right to headline the rainbow. Their no nonsense, no frills, loud as fuck, punk rock show was exactly what Birmingham wanted. People sung along, moshed, jumped about and obeyed commands as Will leaned on the metal bar and shouted at us all. All three bands were equally great, the Scuzz Throwdown tour might be the start of something very special.


*according to their facebook

**He later told me that this was a highlight of the show

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