Sunday, January 11, 2015

Chalet Lines, Cassie Graves: Live at the Flapper (9/1/15)

I hope I'm not the only one that finds the Flapper ridiculously hard to find, by the edge of a canal, sort of opposite the NIA. Finding it proved to be a maze of, locked gates, walls and tower blocks.  It's a nice pub though, and the nights free entertainment was provided by Chalet lines, Cassie Graves, Connor Hemming and Pink Violence.

Chalet Lines

The man who was this night known as Chalet Lines  makes 'insomnia pop'. Very mellow relaxed songs, that are just him and his lovely voice.  Even by the standards set by lazy mellow indie songwriters Chalet lines is lazy, openly admitting that his recordings so far, on the 'You don't win friends with sadness' EP are of bad quality and that he needs to write more songs. His songs appear to be inspired  by 'bad sleeping patterns, girls' and his interests are 'falling asleep on the bus + riding the bus + the bus service'. Despite the obvious piss taking Chalet lines slacker pop is enjoyable, He did a cracking cover of Pixies 'Where's my mind?' and got the night off to a decent start. What is really impressive though, is that it finally occurred to me that I had seen him play before, screaming and shouting in the incredibly noisy, grunge/punk band Enquiry. These two musical projects of his are the exact opposite in almost every single way.

B-Town rating 5.2/10

Cassie Graves

Cassie Graves is sassy, sexy and soulful. She's a singer songwriter from London, who takes inspiration from Amy Winehouse, and paid tribute to her in a song written by a friend of hers, unfortunately she had to stop the song half way through as she forgot all the words to it. She coped with this well though, just getting on with the next song. She was backed by a guitarist, who impressively, she had only met that morning. Luckily for him her songs were simple, yet it was the power of her voice that really shone through. Overall it was a set that I really enjoyed, but I think she has made more of an impression on me as a person, than as a singer/songwriter.

B-Town rating 7.2/10

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