Monday, January 5, 2015

Bands to watch in 2015 (Part 1)

Billed on the BBC sound of 2015 list but a sure way to lose your bet. They won't win, a teenager who makes beats on his laptop, or a 'soulful' folk singer will.  It's a shame but that's just the way things are. SLAVES are totally ace though, they have made punk rock fun again without sacrificing any of the passion, rawness and honesty that makes punk rock great. They're sarcastic as hell, and funny as fuck as their borderline misogynistic lyrics show, 'How's Amelia? IS SHE STILL UGLY!!' or the even better GIRL FIGHT! GIRL FIGHT! make me lose my appetite! (the song is 15 seconds in it's entirety). They are also amazing live, and need to be seen before they become huge.

Of all the bands I've encountered, ALLUSONDRUGS are one of the hardest working, they've gigged all year in a tiny white van making money off their frankly awesome t shirt designs. Currently based on tiny independent label Clue records, Their music is every bit as inspiring as their work ethic. Fitting into their own little niche as Northern England's very own mini-Nirvana, their music is loud, grungy but full of dry northern humour and lyrics about anxiety. When I saw them headline TALK in 2014 their set was awe-inspiring, they put energy worthy of Wembley into tiny shit boxes across the country. Perhaps more than any other band ALLUSONDRUGS deserve to make it in 2015. check out their song 'Nervous', and their label mates Narcs, and Forever Cult when your at it.

Remember Poppy And The Jezebels? Poppy Twist now stands up and plays drums in Table Scraps.  Whose output so far consists of a cassette tape and a vynil of the new single 'Bug'. They play the sort of two chord rock n roll that makes the The White Stripes seem rather complicated, and twee in comparison. Their singer shouts throughout their sets, so much that in between song he's still deeply breathing, as he regains composure. Table Scraps are amazing live, and the rawness of those performances, can be heard on record. if you like your rock n roll noisy and raw then you'll love Table Scraps.

Having been going for 5 years give or take, and surviving the loss of two members, including their bassist who has had to recover from a car accident, God Damn are finally starting to break through. They've been tipped by NME, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, and Brumnotes. A sure sign that they've got enough crossover appeal to make them a big deal. But no column inches accurately describe the sheer joy of a God Damn gig. Those who've seen them come away with massive grins, permanent tinnitus and a compulsion to talk about them as much as possible, I've only seen them twice, yet I've come across people who've seen them up to 25 times. If Lemmy decides to retire (like that's ever gonna happen), then God Damn will be Motorhead's worthy successors.

My relationship with BWR started in late 2013, as they'd read my blogs and wanted me to write about them. I went along to see them, loved it, and almost a year later saw them again, they remembered me and shared their beers with me. as well as being some of the most hospitable people I've ever met. They're in a class of their own when it comes to Birmingham bands, they're fantastic musicians. Their confidence, and songs evoke Oasis at their peak  yet there is a solid blues heart at their core. Danny Core's got a genuinely soulful voice, with a King of Leon-ish tone to it. BWR's no nonsense rock n roll played with heart 'n soul, has won them a loyal fanbase in Birmingham, and Germany too for some reason.

On the face of it 'zeeebra fucking katz' is not too different to any other rapper. He's Black, Handsome, collaborates with dance producers and raps about drugs, expensive champagne and bitches. This is where the similarities end. ZK is smarter than his peers, his music is dark, a world of sophisticated debauchery that's far more Chanel than Gucci, more Vogue than Cosmo. I saw him support Azealia Banks in 2012 and his show is hyper-sexualised, he spent most of it veryically dry humping his cohort, Njena Redd Fox. His 'Champange' mixtape from 2012 is hard to find but worth it. Yet it's his flirtations with house music from 2014, such as '1 bad Bitch' and Tear the House up' that are among the most exciting dance tracks since '212', if he puts out more like it, and an album, stardom could be his for the taking.

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