Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sin Fiction (Live at the Ambersham Arms, 20/9/2014)

I knew absolutely nothing about Sin Fiction until they took to the stage, apart from the slightly silly name (Maybe it’s a hybrid of Sin City and Pulp Fiction?). After a few songs of theirs is was totally hooked. SF have all the raw primal energy that I want to see in a young rock band. They’d bought some fans along who were clearly loving the show and I think the rest of the crowd really liked them too.
What makes SF a bit unique is the combination of guitarists. They effectively have two front-men, the main singer who plays and shreds on an electric guitar, and an almost constantly smiling acoustic guitarist. The downside of this set up is that the acoustic guitarist could not always be heard over the amplified noise of the rest of the group, yet he was able to add an almost Spanish acoustic style to the quieter songs and introductions. I was intrigued to find a black box at the bottom of the stage. Saying that “All merchandise is free apart from our album £5” yet the last part was taped over, I asked the acoustic player whether the album was free and he said ‘if you want it you can have it’. Inside the box was also a load of singles, business cards and wristbands in a variety of colours, each with a discount code for the album. I like this bands business sense.  
Unfortunately the bands self-released Debut album ‘Led by Verses’ is a bit of a disappointment compared with the bands live show. Although you can say that about just about any band in the world, ever. I still highly recommend that you hear it though, it’s a lovely laid back album, which is perfect for the summer (it’s a shame that it's autumn).


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