Sunday, September 14, 2014

Taz Taylor Band, Live at the Robin (2/9/14)

I was born on September the second 1992. (I'm 22 now, if you're wondering). This has always had it's pro's and cons. the main plus has always been that school/college always started a day or so after. So I was guaranteed to always have my birthday off. Though I don't get that any-more.  The downside is that September the 2nd is the one day of the year when fuck all seems to be happening. The theatre season is yet to start and the good films are all out in either the summer or winter. Being a Tuesday there wasn't any interesting club stuff on. (I got totally wasted at Uprawr a few days after, but that's another story). It seemed that I would be with my parents on this particular birthday, so it had to be a family friendly and familiar environment. This meant that my old favourite indie venue, The Robin was a natural first choice.
The only thing on was a band called that Taz Taylor Band, a trio of amazingly talented musicians who have been making music and touring for a very long time. Taz is a Walsall lad too.Making this show a homecoming of sorts. 
Support came from some young lads called PORK. who had bought a sizeable portion of the audience along with them. They dress in a pretty sleazy rock n roll/sunset strip fashion and it's fair to say that their blues rock style reflects this somewhat. Good luck to em. 
Back to Taz.  This guy has performed with many  people over the years, including various members of Deep Purple.His music is all instrumental. Instead of lyrics, the songs are basically just long stretches of guitar soloing stretched together. That may sound very pretentious, but unlike the famous guitarists, Steve Vai or Joe Satriani the band are rooted enough in classick rock and blues for it to not sound too self-indulgent. Some of the songs were quite emotional and beautiful. Yet overall I left with a sense that Taz Taylor is one of the worlds most underrated guitar heroes. But not much else. 

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  1. Thanks for the review.
    I found your take on the pros and cons of being born on Sept 2nd interesting, though you did leave out the one obvious problem with that. Since school started the very next day, you were pretty much guaranteed to be the youngest in your class. Kids born just after you would have to wait a whole year to start school and would be a whole year bigger and more mature than a lot of their classmates.