Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Duke + The Repeat Offenders Live at the Ambersham Arms

It's just as well that Duke's set was a good one. They'd spent many hours driving down to the venue and plenty of time choosing the clothes they would wear. The coach journey to the venue was fun but it was clear that the band were focussed on this gig and determined to make it a good one. quite a few people showed up for this show, the coach was full of friends, girlfriends and family of the band.  After the two previous bands they took to the stage and played a great little set. Not too different too many of the other sets I've seen of theirs, but as usual they sounded tight and well rehearsed. Songs such as 'Good Time' and 'Never Gonna Knock Us Down' went down well with the crowd. By this point the venue had filled out nicely and there was plenty of people enjoying the set. In fact I hadn't seen them play to a room like this since the Actress and Bishop last year. By the end Rod (Jack's Dad and band manager) was encouraging audience members to dance with him. From this point on it was party mode, which involved drinking and general piss-taking on the bus. it's been a real pleasure watching these guys develop and improve from their early sets at my local pub, it's been a great thing to be a part of.
Duke loved playing in london and afterwards people went up to them and said how much they'd loved the set. Another night, another due paid.
Check out my camera skills here.

After Duke Came on a few lads calling themselves the Repeat Offenders. A pretty standard laddish indie rock band. They'd bought a sizeable portion of the audience along with them and they looked very cool on stage. They were pretty good, and the songs had plenty of energy. However I cannot remember enough about them to write more than four sentences.

Check them out here

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