Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Library of Birmingham

Don't you just hate it when you really really wish you had your camera on you? but don't have it.
photo's by Christian Richters
that's how i felt when i visited the new Birmingham Library for the first time earlier today. I was never sure whether i liked the look of it from the outside when it was being built, but actually approaching it, the architecture certainly makes an impression. What was immediately obvious was just how bloody big this new building is. The new library shares its ground with the new REP Theatre, so that's one part of the complex that I've yet to explore. The first things you see when you walk in are the kids section, which looks kind of amazing (shame its only for the kids really) and the blue neon lined escalators which go up and up and up.  follow these escalators and you'll find  the place gets more 'knowledgey' you'll find large areas for research and leather bound books and records while  the overall decor starts to look more traditional, there's a bit more wood up there. Keep going up and you'll find a balcony that you can walk out on and go further and there's a big research section, and a big queue for the lift that goes up to something to do with Shakespeare.

Looking over the travelator toward the scenic liftAfter this I decided to go down to the music section, which is right below the ground floor (below the kids section)  i found this section slightly disappointing, as the CD's and Graphic Novel sections feel like they need a bit more filling, but this is forgivable in a library that's only a week or two old. Down there everything's kind of a big circle, with a glass roof which you can look up through,  i walked round it twice without realising that i'd walked round it twice. Its full of really stylish, comfy looking chairs, including some big circle ones, the sort you can lie in, that seem to have come from  some 60's Sci-Fi film.

 Its a bit difficult finding a computer too, the computers are split between research computers and short or long term internet computers, understandably demand is high so you may have to look around a bit to find one (if you've got a laptop there's sockets everywhere). Overall, the place feels like a fountain of knowledge and once i went in i didn't want to leave, it makes me feel that it's kind of a shame i'm no longer studying.but i may just find a quiet day go in there and educate myself on something. I get the feeling that you could compare this building to any of the other great libraries you may find in the world,  it just has that great vibe about it, a place that you can happily waste a few hours in.

There's some good looking local music showcases and events happening at the library check out  the site to book tickets www.libraryofbirmingham.com/Events

Next time i'm in Birmingham u'll go in and take some photos of my own. 

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