Friday, September 13, 2013


Barely an hour or so ago I was in the Provide shop in Digbeth, Browsing through local branded clothing. when I noticed a couple of cassette tapes next to a a  few copies of Troumaca's debut ' The Grace'. A little question as to how much this tape was and who it was buy inevitably lead to a conversation about this blog and the other local acts.
What I've found out about this guy is that he's a Brummie based producer of ambient, chilled out but slightly left-field dance music. That's not to dissimilar from the CD his tapes were placed next to. He's signed to the american label Shoeboxx recordings. Apparently he works in Self-ridges too and  he's also a student of Music Technology at the BCU.

So far he's released two EP's, Cloud's and Oracle. Both of which are available as free or pay what you like downloads.  See what you think below.

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