Wednesday, December 21, 2016

FALLS, Enquiry, Live at The Flapper review (18/12/16) - Part 2

'Digbeth Sadcore' trio Enquiry's last EP was titled 'What a time to be alive'. It came out weeks before the terrible Drake/Future project of the sane name. They got thousands of streams from very confused Drake fans. This show was the first gig of theirs for well over a year and the fist time I've seen them in 3 years. Yet despite all the hatred from Drake fans (cheekily acknowledged by their singers Drake T shirt) and lack of shows, Enquiry played a set that was tight and energetic. Sounding as if they hadn't been gone a day and gaining fanfare from the crowd that alluded them last time around. They even had a surprise guest scream from Someone said Fire/Crime And Punishment 2011's Joey Sniper. Later on I bought a t shirt of theirs for £3. It has a cat on it.

By the time you read this FALLS (8.4) will have split up. Their penultimate show was a celebration of their short career that made Christmas look tame and dull. In an age where male beauty standards are as unrealistic as women's FALLS wore their slightly chubby, hairy, sweaty, tattoo covered dad bods with pride. Both looking and sounding like a Biffy Clyro that never reached the point where their frantic garage rock reached an mainstream audience. What made the show special and frequently hilarious was FALLS complete inability to give a shit any-more. From openly admitting who their diss track was about and both naming and slagging the metalcore band off**. Admitting their sudden lack of relevance 'We were never cool anyway, so who the fuck cares' and asking an audience member (me) to read out the exact time before shouting 'you're wrong! It's romance time!
They were happy to plonk their mic stand wherever they wanted and sing along with their fans and other band members. The whole gig had a great feeling of community from all of the bands and fans which is a rare thing. FALLS penultimate gig was a laugh a minute show with brief intervals of frantic math-rock. If you want to hear a band who is now completely irrelevant then you can check out their new 'Cream' EP.



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