Wednesday, December 21, 2016

ALLUSONDRUGS, Wax Futures. Live at The Flapper review (18/12/16)

Telfords' 'Slacker Post-Hardcore' trio 'Wax Futures' (7.2) got the party started and set the Christmas jumper dress code for what was to be a celebration of Falls' very short career. Their short set was full of laughs as their singer (who could easily play in -Ned Flanders themed metal band- Okily Dokily). did impressions of American Nu-Metal bands, and begged us to all buy their merch so his wife can have the spare room back. while the crowd may have requested 'Wonderwall' Wax futures own song 'Breadcrumbs' impressed me and the crowd with it's math-rockish take on Weezer nerd-rock.
In a surprising move, having just finished a headline tour of the UK my faves ALLUSONDRUGS (8) were relegated to 2nd on the bill. Part of the joy of following this band since first seeing them live three years ago is seeing their constant evolution. The departure of a founder member, songwriter and guitarist would be a tough blow for most bands. After Damian Hughes' departure their music seems sparser and lacking in guitar melodies. Yet they seemed determined to fill his space with as much guitar pedal effects as possible. Their singer, Jason looks a bit like the dude from Yazoo* with his new haircut and threads. While he seems a bit more serious on stage. He was less of a joker and refrained from gobbing on the ceiling. Overall It was business as usual for the UK's most underrated rock band. New single 'Good People' was a hit with the crowd as well as older cuts like Nervous and a rare performance of 'what's the porn like in heaven ted?' Later on FALLS talked about how someone needs to make ALLUSONDRUGS rich and famous and I couldn't agree more.

Next up Enquiry and FALLS

* No offence Jason, I mean it well. Also I know the guy's name is Vince Clarke. Seriously though the guy has been in Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasure. Not just one pioneering synth pop group but three! That's impressive. 


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