Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dave McPherson (InMe) Live at The Sunflower Lounge review.

To be honest one of my main reasons for coming along to this show was out of curiosity. InMe  formed 20 years ago, and ten years after that they wre one of British rocks great hopes. They never achieved the same level of success as many of their contemporaries, yet they are still going strong. I was a fan of theirs many years ago,  so I thought it'd be nice to see what Dave's been up to.
Before that though 973live opened the show. A three piece making a sort of odd fusion of reggae, hip hop and soul. Killr Punx regular LaurenMarie made people sad with her own mix of acoustic originals and covers. Marc Hall is touring alongside Dave for this stretch of dates. Much like Dave he has a history playing in various rock/emo bands such as Fei Comodo and Hey Vanity. he was joined by another guitarist and another guy drumming on a wooden box. His songs were a good mix of the sad and and the more upbeat. Much like Dave Mcpherson (8/10) While it may be pretty common for the singers of rock bands to start solo acoustic vanity projects outside of their usual bands (I'm looking at you Charlie Simpson) Dave's solo songs are great in their own right. He has a band-camp full of them. He has a passionate voice which reminds me of Jeff Buckley, and a talent for playing guitar that goes far beyond strumming basic chords. The sadness of his music was balanced out by his funny and carefree stage persona. He had conversations with people in the audience and played a prank, by getting the crowd to clap the next person to walk through the door. Hugs are a free option alongside CD's on his 'Dave Mcmerch' table. The show finished with a performance of InMe's 'faster chase' a fantastic song I totally forgot about yet still sounds great ten years later. All of which bodes well for their upcoming tour.


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