Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Crime and Punishment 2011, Monaco, Bathtub, J-Dead. Live at the Sunflower Lounge review (18/9/16)

Things seem to be picking up for Crime and Punishment 2011 (CPK), with this show being the last date of their second tour. The opening act for the last date of the tour, at the home-town venue of the Sunflower was none other than CPK's Jake himself, under the new moniker J-Dead (6.8/10). While CPK draw from grime, metal and left-field electronica J-Dead leans more towards a spoken word style, with intensely personal stories, quietly rapped over sparse instrumentals (one of which being a cover of one of the tracks from The XX's d├ębut album). CPK's Pink Violence has been producing the beats, while CPK's Dan Carter joined him for one song. The audience was small but very appreciative, while the room matched the quiet ambiance. J- Dead is a more restrained project than the jumping and screaming of CPK and not too far off from the lyrical styles of UK MC's such as Kate Tempest or Loyle Carner. Next up was a local bunch called Monaco (6) who prove that maybe B-Town isn't dead after all with their summery mix of grungy guitar melodies, and laid back grooves. Despite being a very new band their musicianship is impressive. Bathtub (6) are one of those bands who are constantly changing line-up, which is a bit confusing as they also share members with the metalcore group Flatline. The main difference is that Bathtub have less screaming and less violent moshing. They're somewhere between pop-punk and metal. Weirdly enough, the show was being filmed via iPhone for a live stream being watched by a total of 3 people. Cue jokes about Wembley.
Crime and Punishment 2011 (7.6) were finishing up on their second tour before this headline show and they're getting better with each set. They've already got some new songs, 'Cheshire Cat' has an electronic feel to it and some shouty repetitive choruses, while 'Nefarious' is much more brutal, with more heavy guitar riffs added to the mix. All members were a bit burned out from tour, yet with Dan jumping around the place, Jason and joey both screaming and running about the place it was business as usual. Joey climbed the stairs and screamed at passers by in the street, while Jason had a sort of nervous breakdown on the floor of the Sunflower Lounge. As usual the audience seemed a bit bemused by the whole thing. the show was a lot of fun until the moody domestic violence tale, 'there's a reason storms are named after people'. However people were shouting for an encore. Unfortunately there wasn't a cover of 'Shutdown' as Crime & Punishment 2011 had to go for a much needed rest.


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