Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ozzy Osbourne unveils tram named after him.

Earlier today in an event that could only ever happen in Birmingham I saw Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Actor, Author, Agony aunt and Rock Legend  John 'Ozzy' Osborne unveil a tram named after himself. Personally I would have gone for 'TrammyMcTramFace'  but I guess like those bastards who named the boat They wanted something a bit more formal. Though there will probably be a few more of these trams, so I hope that in the future I will also be able to board 'Tony', 'Bill', 'Geezer' or even Jeff Lynne to my rare visits to Coventry or Wolverhampton. Despite getting there exactly on time at 11am this morning Corpration Street was totally packed out. With a multicultural mix of photographers, hardcore fans and the general public to give Ozzy a cheer. Some important bloke who was in charge of making these trams made several announcements that 'One of Birmingham's favourite sons and Cultural exports was on his way. I think he did also refer to him as 'The Prince  of Darkness' but I got the impression that none of the tram authority were big Heavy Metal fans. Ozzy walked though the crowd to huge applause (despite not actually doing anything) as onlookers from every angle (even those looking through shop windows) cheered him on. There was a short interview where Ozzy was asked if there was any chance of a new album which Ozzy denied, and whether 'The End' tour would really be 'The End' which Ozzy confirmed. Both of which Sabbath fans already know. To be honest I couldn't understand a word Ozzy said. It might have been a dodgy mic, but all I heard was a low murmur. I could barely see him through the mob (rule)* of photographers, nor did I get to see him when he sat on the tram as it made it' short journey to New Street Station. The whole event was short and not many fans got to meet him. There was also an appearance from some other local celebrities - some DJ's from Free Radio (who got to take a selfie with him). Though (as my music taste isn't total shit) I had no idea who they were.

* Yes, I know Dio sang that one.

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