Saturday, May 14, 2016

An open letter to Azealia Banks

Hi, We've never met before, so you probably won't care about what I have to say. I don't really bother with twitter much nowadays. Partly because of the endless inane narcissism and sycophancy that makes up the majority of the posts. I could source this letter with examples of your stupidity, racism and petty feuds with  other celebrities  but frankly it'd take a very long time to go for your twitter feed and find relevant examples. Besides I can't because you've been suspended (hah!).
The problem is that I've been a fan of yours since 212 dropped, many many years ago. I waited ages  for the 1991 Ep to drop, but loved it despite only hearing two new tracks. I loved Fantasea, as it was a genuinely brilliant mixtape/album. Even 'Broke with expensive taste' was worth the 3 long years of us waiting for you to. I even saw you live at the Birmingham Institute a few years back and you were absolutely fantastic. I've ignored your racism, homophobia, and petty feuds with artists more talented than you. The Stone Roses in particular achieved more in one album than you have in your whole career.  Angel Haze ripped you apart on her diss tracks and all you came back with was the incredibly weak 'No problems'. The fact that you put being a bitch before being an artist has made me and a lot of people totally lose interest in you. After all this you could redeem yourself by putting out some decent tunes but 'Slay-Z' is just weak. A trashy attempt to jump on the trap bandwagon, when you followed your own path with a house style fore so many years.  I struggle to get past the first track.

While more than enough people have been angered by your comments about Zayn Malik, what has pissed me off is your tweets regarding the UK scene. Grime is a part of our culture and your claim that no one here can rap is absurd. You think Drake, Pharrel, Young Lord and A$AP Nast would all be on Skepta's new album if the UK couldn't rap?  The new acts the UK is producing such as Stormzy, Novelist, and Bugzy Malone are every bit the equal of veterans such as Skepta, Wiley and JME. Outside of grime Roots Manuva has been putting out the best music of his whole career, Kate Tempest is both writing bars and novels. Lil Simz and Riz MC are making tunes that actually can make you think, and Sleaford Mods swear so much they put even you to shame.
You say we have 'no swag' and 'sound forced', but despite of Kendrick Lamar and Run The Jewels, and loads more making US Hip-Hop amazing again. I'm also hearing loads of talentless 'trappers' with all style and no substance, and nothing at all to say. Swag is no substitute for actual lyrics and ability to actually rap. Your own music has always been very style over substance. and desoite your ongoing twitter controversy your own lyrics are pretty shallow and meaningless. You say that The UK is a disgrace to rap culture, but we're the ones people are looking up to.  You know what? They'll forget your name soon, and won't nobody be to blame but yourself.

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