Thursday, January 14, 2016

JJ Pluto - Just Waiting

Ever since Alex Moir donned a patchy jacket and a new moniker, I have wondered what direction the new project will take him in. While he had a good band and live show under his own name. His Debut EP 'The Numbers Game' was let down by the tacky production, despite the quality of the songs. 'Havana' may be a really catchy song, but it doesn't really reflect who he is now. The best song on the 'Numbers Game' EP was the title track, which he produced himself.  Like 'The Numbers Game' he uses samples of people talking. This contrasts the minimal sound of the song, and also reflects the feelings of loneliness in the lyrics. Just Waiting might just be the most gentle, yet also saddest song he's written. It feels dark yet emotionally honest in the same way as classic songwriters, such as Nick Drake, that he admires. Unfortunately the song is only a minute and a half long. I don't know if it's a taster for the full song or just a very short song. Yet It still bodes well for the d├ębut EP that he's releasing on March 25th. 

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