Friday, January 8, 2016

Crime and Punishment 2011 live at subside 8/1/16

Happy new year! I've not seen you lot since 2015! It's got cold hasn't it? obviously during this bitterly cold winter that we have suddenly found ourselves in, while others were happy watching shit TV I decided to get out there and watch some bands play. While I went out on loads of occasions in 2015 I didn't actually see that many bands. This is something I want to fix in 2016.
Having never been to the old Subside I didn't really know what to expect. As it turns out the former Dubliner is much more of a pub than a club. It has a nice atmosphere and the feel of a place that has been open for a lot longer than a few months. They've got a punching machine, two pool tables and free bands every night on Thursday. It was a great opportunity to hang out and watch Crime and Punishment 2011 Aka, Dan, Glitch, Joey Sniper and Pink Violence play.
Off stage they are all friendly people. They're the kind of clique that you just want to be a part of, sharing in-jokes and a friendship that not all bands have. On this occasion I forgot my camera which is why I only got a bunch of rubbish blurry photographs taken on my phone. Taking photographs of this lot with proper equipment is hard enough. On-stage none of these guys stay still. They didn't scream right in people's faces as much as they did last time I saw them but that's only because there were less people to scream at. Joey screamed the hooks and choruses, Glitch rapped the bars and Dan rapped in his deep brummie voice. The dark lyrics of his bars proving that C+P are no mere comedy act. Especially when he delivered these verses while curled up in a ball under the bar. Most of the songs came from the new 'Extra Hour' EP. They covered Linkin Park's 'Nobody's listening', but sadly not 'Hotline Bling'.
All The Rest
Onlookers seemed to either love what they were hearing or looked confused and a bit unimpressed by it. They make a huge amount of noise when all on the mics together, and in the lack of a moshpit, decided to be their own moshpit. Even the beatmaker joined in, asking a guy to look after his laptop. Then joined in the screaming, while dressed in a beanie and looking like the kinda guy who'd nick your car. Even the B-town blog got a shout out on stage.
Crime and Punishment are the kind of act who divide opinion. Mixing Grime with Nu-metal and squelchy electronica with a self aware style of comedy. Birmingham needs bands like this to shake things up right now.  (6.8/10)
Following on from this was the singer/songwriter 'Wood and Nails' who played a mellow take on pop-punk with just his guitar and vocals. He's clearly talented, but could use a band to take things to the next level. (6/10). After this was the head-liners 'All The Rest' whose drummer had put on the show. Watching him play,  I was impressed by his skill and how easy he made drumming look. All the rest play pop punk with a hint of hardcore. Unfortunately the mix was so bad I had no idea how good they really were. Their vocals were inaudible over the drums and guitar. I was left with the impression that All the Rest might be a great band, but during that show it was hard to say.

All The Rest

Wood and Nails

Crime & Punishment

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