Monday, June 1, 2015

Table Scraps - More Time For Strangers, Album Review

More Time For Strangers cover artWell here it finally is, the début Album by Table Scraps, it's called  More Time for Strangers. It's been released today on a label I've never heard of (the spectacularly named Hells Teeth), It was recorded in a 14x10 rehearsal room in 11 hours at a cost of £88 using 4 track cassette and a digital recorder. The CD booklet has no lyrics  or unnecessarily long thank you lists,  just a picture of them both in black and white looking menacing (they're lovely really). All this reflects what  the album sounds like and backs up any fan's of the band's idea of what it may sound like. It is raw rock n roll. None of the edges have been shaved off from their incredibly raw early demo's. Scott Abbot sounds angry, his vocals distorted and buried in the mix. The riffs are huge, the solo's short nasty and brutish, the drumming is simplistic (Poppy still clearly uses her basic standing set up). More time for strangers captures their live sound brilliantly. The most impressive thing about Table scraps music is still how much conviction it is played with. Despite being from Birmingham, Table Scraps music sounds like it was made to soundtrack grizzly, exploitation films, where naked chicks ride bides and rob stores on long desert stretches with shotguns. If you buy one album by a two piece punk band this week get Slaves awesome 'Are you satisfied' LP, if you have £5 left over get this.


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