Monday, June 8, 2015

Lunar Festival Day 1 Review.

The Drink
Allah Lahs
I'd loved my Lunar Festival day trip last year so much that camping for the full weekend in 2015 was a foregone conclusion. I'd already made some friends with my neighbours early in the after noon after putting up my tent. After getting a bit of a lecture about Shamanism I checked out Hoopla Blue (6.0/10). Who deserve credit for being a young band that sound completely unique. Mixing post punk vocals, reggae bass and a few other styles to create a sound that is strange and experimental but not too proggy or self indulgent. I want to love their music, but I don't. At first The Drink (7.2/10) seemed quite subdued, their singer's voice and mellow sound reminding me a lot of Cate Le Bon and the 70's 'Canterbury scene'. The bands talent shone the longer they played, as they jammed on on their songs, it was a joy just hearing them play. Zervas and Pepper (7.2/10) kept the positive Canterbury vibes going while later on Allah Las (8/10) lived up to the hype, with a great set. The 6 piece including both drums and hand percussion have done for 60's surf pop what The Strokes did for 70's punk. Few bands evoke such effortless cool. Goblin (8/10), Who composed several cult Italian horror film soundtracks (none of which I've seen) put on a master-class in instrumental progressive rock, the reworked themes  to films such as Suspiria are dark and scary yet accessible and kind of fun.

Mark E Smith

The Fall (9.2/10) are brilliant musicians, tight rehearsed and very professional, Mark E Smith on the other hand, came on in an ill fitting suit, covering his face with two microphones (one of which he used to doubly amplify what ever instruments he liked). Throughout the set barely a single word he sang was decipherable, seemingly totally wasted, he seemed genuinely happy to see children enjoying his music. At one point he picked up a leather handbag walked about with it then put it down. he hid around the back of the stage, getting someone else to sing most of the lyrics. Mark E Smith is a fascinating character, his genuine lack of anything resembling a fuck and the bands post punk grooves came together to make something very special. Tinariwen (8/10) had their work cut
out for them, and it took them some time to gain their momentum, as their music uses a hand drum rather than a heavy drum kit, they had to play for a bit until the audience were in tune with their laid back grooves. Mixing blues guitar  with traditional Malian folk music and donning full traditional African dress. They took turns to play the guitar and danced and sung.  Despite having no hits they completely won over the crowd, by the time they'd finished the cries for an encore were deafening.

As well as the live music being a main draw Lunar also has amazing food, The Jabberwocky toastie company and Handmade Burger Co being two of my favourites. As the temperature dropped I danced  and flirted in 3 different club nights all with totally different styles of music. Though the roaring fire was the hottest place to be.

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