Monday, February 2, 2015

Peace at the Institute (what happened next)

Normally I don't tend to write about what happens if I go out after gigs because I might write something I'm not supposed too, or it might just not be interesting enough to share. But on this occasion I think it's worth writing about, because I forgot the names of everyone I met, and Hot Wax could probably use the publicity. After the gig I went and got food, took a selfie and headed down to The Sunflower Lounge, I said hi to Connor Hemming, who thankfully didn't want to punch me after that live review I gave him.   From there me and my friends got a taxi (which I still think was a waste of money) and queued for the Hot Wax DJ Set, things were promising at first as some great tunes were being played,  including a bit of Parquet Courts and oldies, such as CSS, Strokes, etc etc.
After seeing the painfully self concious hipsters around me, including some dick-head dancing by himself in the corner dressed in a white poncho and some sort of Native American headdress. I decided that whether my friends would abandon me or not (they did, although  guess I left them) I wouldn't give a fuck what people though of me. So once Harry and Dom from Peace took to the decks and played 'Uptown Funk' for the 5th time I decided to take my dancing up a notch. I attracted plenty of attention  from people trying to keep a very wide berth around me. Yet there was one man who saw me differently, one man who saw me as a challenge. Nearly a foot taller than me, decked out in a black leather jacket, with a fuzzy beard and fuzzier man-bun that somehow didn't make him look like an idiot. We competitively threw shapes at each other for nearly half an hour, by the end of which I was completely exhausted. I joined him and his friend for a fag (I don't smoke) and he told me that he was a professional dancer until he had an accident some years back and that he was impressed that I managed to kick his ass in a dance-off.
He then asked me if I wanted to come back to his, and the moment he realised I'm not gay, was rather disappointed when I said no. and I started trying to get with his friend, which annoyed him more. anyway turns out he was sort of going out with her anyway. I'm not sure what was going on with them really. They asked me too look after a friend of theirs, who I felt no chemistry with at all, and I ended up losing her. By this point my other friends had all gone off.
Good night though, and props to Peace for playing great tunes all night.

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