Thursday, January 30, 2014

Broken Witt Rebels. Live at the Institute 25/1/14 Review.

I'd wanted to see and meet these guys for a while now so after i'd waited almost many men with beards (going to see Scroobius Pip)  I went up and said hi to Jason 'Pink Violence' Tyler (now part of the Promoter group 'Killr Punx' and a member of the Kaleidoscopes).
Broken Witt Rebels clearly have a bit of the entrepreneur about them, manning their own Merch table and selling  me a T-shirt,CD and Poster package for £8 as well as designing their own artwork. I also learned that the name literally came from flicking through a copy of the metro and finding those 3 words amongst the headlines.
The Support came from 'Paradise Circus' and The 'Two' N Eights' who were both the sort of bands who would have found success in the 00's indie boom.  Paradise Circus played fun but not hugely impressive indie rock, which dabbled a bit in ska and had a very laddish vibe. The Two 'N Eights were the best of the two, they had more melody and it was in the more laid back songs that i felt their talent was most obvious. They've got a lager swilling gallagher-esque frontman and have a similar brummie charm to The Twang.

It took ages for Broken Witt Rebels to get on stage and start playing, due to what i'm assuming was technical difficulties. All while BWR's enthusiastic fans at the front shouted 'CUNTS!' and other random phrases. So BWR wasted no time in getting started when they were ready, with loads of dry ice and fancy lighting they set up the suspense and launched right into the first song. The second song is the one that I filmed and is in the previous blog post.
There is undoubtedly a strong blues influence in the sound of BWR. I used to be a big fan of a lot of blues rock yet i lost interest in the genre purely because many blues players are musicians first and songwriters second. BWR mix Blues guitar playing with the Swagger of early Oasis and do have the songwriting ability to match their musical playing. Blues has always had a home in Birmingham so it's nice to see a band reflecting that in their sound.

Danny Core also happens to be a great frontman, with a soulful voice, a great stage presence and a real ability to connect with and thrill the crowd. not to mention being a great guitarist. This was a very short show but a very very good one for such a new band. I had a great time and highly recommend BrokenWitt Rebels as one of Birminghams best new bands.

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