Sunday, November 24, 2013

The German Market

Oh German Market how I love you...

All this time you've never really changed have you?

I remember it used to be kind of a tradition that a year or two ago  I'd go with my parents to shop about there for a browse each year.  We'd usually walk round  and then after having bought some cool south american threads and dodgy hotdogs we'd go off.

-Side note: Seriously what the fuck is up with these hotdogs? okey its kind of funny how the bun is far too small for the sausage but when the sausage falls out it a bit annoying, its £4 for them too which is a lot.
and why do i get so addicted to them?

Anyway now that i'm 21 it was the perfect time to finally try to market as an adult, as the only place where getting wankered at 5 in the afternoon  and adding condiments to food through massive squirty udders is sort of acceptable. It was nice getting a bit drunk with colleagues and friends from work, even though i was a bit bewildered by how the whole buying a drink system worked.  It was something about a deposit and a token, it means you get your beer quicker but you don't even know what you're drinking, not that it was too amazing anyway.
It was fun though, untill we all got too cold and just decided to go to Wetherspoons instead.

still I do love the German Market though, I love the food, the crappy spiritual hoohah, and useless wooden carvings, i love the lot of it.

Oh german market.. Don't you ever change

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