Thursday, November 7, 2013

Superfood are the new likely lads, it's kind of obvious that they will  be the next big thing to come out of the B-Town scene, yet i've not written about them now because i've not met any of them, seen them live or had any stories to tell. instead however i'm going to tell you everything i DO know about them so you'll be clued up for when these guys break through.

They are now signed to Infectious Records (Alt-J, These New Puritans, Drenge) who are releasing their debut physical release, the single Bubbles and it's B-side 'Melting' on December 9th.
They formed last year and have been gigging and gaining hype since then.
They are Dom - singer, ryan- guitar, emily-bass, carl -drums.
Both their singles so Far, 'Superfood' and Bubbles have been released for free online, and you can hear the former below and the latter at

I'm seeing them support Peace and the Awesome Drenge in December, I'll report with more then. 

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