Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Luke Rainsford. Album release show review (24/2/17)

Luke Rainsford was in good company for this show at The Flapper. Proud Ember, Ben Bestwick and Crafterface are all in a similar vein to his own material. All three of them playing emotional acoustic numbers. Ben Bestwick has some beautiful love songs, all complimented by his soft voice and acoustic style Craterface provided a bit of a contrast, being much more punk rock in style, and having a fantastic roar of a voice.
J-Dead was a break from the acoustic sounds but still very much in the same heartfelt emotional style as many of the other singer-songwriters that night.  Backed by his soon to be Ex-Band mates (from Brummie Grime-core bruisers Crime and Punishment 2011), Jason Tyler on production and Dan Carter for some of the other songs. Most of the set came from Jake’s début ‘Headspace’ EP yet he already played some newer songs from his next EP. The set was short and sweet with Jake telling tales including those of domestic abuse and his troubled relationship with his father. He mixes both rap and spoken word, over sparse beats and production as well as also using songs by The XX and Twenty One Pilots as the backdrop for his own stories. 

Less than a year on from the release show at the flapper for Luke’s debut album ‘I’m nothing like my dad turned out to be’ (where he played the album in full) came the album release show for Luke Rainsford’s second album, the newly released ‘I feel at home with you’. This show was also special because it was the first show Luke had ever played with his backing band. A sort of pop-punk supergroup of Luke’s friends including those from bands such as coast to coast and Luke’s other band Wallflower.  Despite the sadness that lingers in many of Luke’s songs tonight felt like a celebration, with Luke being surrounded by his friends. After the first few songs from his new album were played with the new band, a selection of older favourites from the debut were played with a stripped back set up of Luke his guitar, and his drummer tapping on a wooden box.  Despite the band leaving this was far from being a lull in the show, many of the songs from this section are fan favourites. Crafterface joined Luke onstage for his guest vocals on ‘Never Could’ and Luke’s old friend Maddy Cheny joined him for the bittersweet love song ‘Lucid Dreams’.
While Luke may be far from the mainstream acclaim he deserves, he remarked that the crowd had doubled since his last album release show. Despite being only a year old, songs like ‘a note to my teenage self’ ‘a song about alcohol’ and ‘streetlights’ inspired singalongs from the crowd who knew every word by heart. Unfortunately, ‘streetlights’ was aired for the last time as Luke’s understandably a bit tired of playing it every other night. Not that this matters too much as newer singles such as ‘tie’s and ‘home safe’ with its chorus of ‘you made me not want to die this week, as weak as that might make me seem’creating an unlikely sing along. Despite being barely a week old many of the songs from ‘I feel at home with you are likely to be as adored as the songs from Luke’s début.

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