Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Smart Casual: End of an era. Live review. Sunflower Lounge (7/1/2017) Feat Dom Glynn, Who Saves The Hero, Matchboy

Right from the very start the tiny Sunflower Lounge was packed to it's full capacity as Dom Glynn, (7.2/10) started the show off. Dom is somewhere between a singer songwriter and comedian. His deep singing voice and acoustic songs, were mixed with strange self depreciating spoken word ramblings. The highlight being the glorious love song about 'the one who got away'. 'The one' of course being Jesus Christ himself. Which inspired a hilariously sacrilegious sing-along.
No Smart casual show is really complete without an appearance from their welsh mates Who Saves The Hero? (6.8). WSTH have a clear love for pop-punk that goes beyond mere nostalgia and a friendship in Smart Casual that has resulted in loads of in-jokes and on stage banter. Musically they are everything you'd expect from a welsh pop punk band, including the slightly American sounding vocals. They did a flawless cover of Sum 41's 'Fat lip' and let Smart Casual's Colin join them for a cover of his favourite song, Blink 182's 'Dammit'.
Kineton newcomers Matchboy (6.8) made a welcome change of pace from pop punk with their own more graceful take on rock. Giving off a bit of a 90's vibe and covering both Lower than Atlantis and Foo Fighters. I was impressed by their musical ability and how good they sounded despite being such young lads and having played for such a short amount of time as Matchboy.
I don't really like Pop-Punk but I do love Smart Casual (7.6). So it was with sadness that I learned that the band's singer Colin was to leave the band. I'm happy that the band have hinted at plans to continue, but before that rather than just boot Colin out, they decided to give him a proper send off.
Smart Casual have a small but very passionate fan-base and there was a very upbeat, friendly atmosphere in the room. The parents of Nathan 'the human meme' Talbot were present to film everything as the band launched right into the empowering punk rock of 'fight to the end' with it's slightly ironic chorus of 'this is not the end you're not finished yet'. Colin repeatedly thanked everyone in the crowd for letting him live his dream. He later individually thanked everyone in the band (who got a chance to show of their musical skills), and some of the other people who had helped the band out. Yet the show was anything but sad, featuring several jokes about how everyone of his songs is about his ex and how all of their stories seem to involve both Talbot and fast food. The bands usual medley of their heaviest track 'the underclass' and cover of Limp Bizkit's 'Take a look around' caused a frenzy of moshing. While they had the crowd jumping around to many of their other songs. Colin performed his epic rant during 'take back the power' for the last time. Smart Casual finished the set with the last song he wrote for the band 'Same lies (different reasons)', which is also about his ex, and the first song they wrote as a band, Smart Casual's anthem, 'Festival Girl'. However the show was not over yet. Boyz 2 Men's 90's hit 'end of the road' playing through the PA inspired a mass sing-along and crowd wave.


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