Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why you should give Sacred Bones all your money.

I advise you to seek out news sources about the protests currently occurring at Standing Rock in North Dakota USA. However the gist of it is that there is an oil pipeline being built on Sioux native American territory. Thousands are currently protesting this as it could contaminate the water supply of the native American tribe. The  protesters claim that the pipeline is being built on ancient burial grounds, which are legally owned by the native Americans due to a 1851 treaty. The protesters also claim to have been subjected to unnecessary force by the police officers on the site.
The independent label Sacred Bones has stated that as of December 4th their entire bandcamp page will be pay what you want. With all proceeds from the downloads going directly to support the Standing Rock protests. For years Sacred Bones has been home to many of the most pioneering underground artists from all over the world. This is a golden opportunity for music lovers around the world to sample the many fantastic releases on display. It is hard enough to keep an independent label running at the best of times. So it is incredibly noble (and fitting considering the labels name) to do this. Therefore I would like to recommend a handful of artists that are worth your time.  

Follakzoid were the big surprise of my Lunar Festival 2015. Filling in for another band on extremely short notice on the afternoon before another show, their set was a highlight of the festival. Follakzoid are a krautrock band from Chile whose songs are very minimalist, with small hints of guitar melody,  droning vocals and constant drum rhythms. Follakzoid are the perfect band for people like me who love the funky grooves of CAN but are put off by how utterly terrifying much of their music is.

John Carpenter has directed many movies. From masterpieces such as 'The Thing', 'The Fog' and 'Halloween'. The brilliantly daft 'Big trouble in little china', and crap such as 'Vampires'. While his status as one of horror's great directors is set in stone. However his contribution to electronic music is somewhat overlooked. Many of his films were sound tracked by the man himself, and despite being in his 70's he is currently releasing albums of 'Lost Soundtracks' and touring them across the world.

Marching Church is the project of Elias Bender R√łnnenfelt of post-punks Iceage. This years album 'Telling it like it is', is an electric mix of genre's. The album has a jittery, lo-fi feel with an unpredictable nature. The tense post-punk feel of Iceage is still present yet songs such as 'inner city pigeon' show both an anger and intelligence alongside his developing song-writing skill.

Lust for Youth are one of many great bands who have grown out of the Copenhagen scene. This years album 'Compassion' is a masterclass in 80's style synth-pop, taking cues from bands such as New Order yet still sounding incredibly classy, fresh and unique.

I would also like to recommend Jenny Hval, Marissa Nadler and Exploded View. Who I may write about in more detail soon as I will be downloading their albums on the 4th. I would also like to mention that if anyone from Sacred Bones is reading this, I would like to recommend a band from Birmingham called 'Dorcha' who would fit your roster perfectly.

I would also like to recommend an album by William Doyle. The sole member of the now sadly defunct East India Youth. Who has just released an album under his own name on bandcamp. The 'Dream Derealised' is an album of demo's he recorded while struggling with mental health problems.
The £1 cost goes to help fund the mental health charity Mind.

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