Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Crywank + Luke Rainsford. Live at the Wagon and Horses, Birmingham (9/8/16)

If there was ever a perfect support act for a Crywank gig then it had to be everybody's favourite sad Wolverhamptonite Luke Rainsford* (6.8/10). Much like Crywank, Luke sings sad songs on his acoustic guitar, and on this occasion he was backed by a percussionist tapping away on a wooden box.  The more I hear his songs the more I'm impressed by the almost poetic lyrical content.  Although like Crywank, there is a bit of a self mocking irony behind them. Quite a few people showed up to watch his set, and he even got to play a few extra songs. It was definitely one of the most passionate performances I've seen of his and also one of the best.  
It's funny to think that I only discovered Crywank (8) a week ago. I found their new album on their band camp and halfway through listening to it downloaded their back catalogue. It's been funny telling my friends and family all about how much I love their music, and seeing their reaction of the name. In truth it's the perfect name for them considering how much sadness and sexual frustration feeds into their songs. Having never even seen a picture of them before, I ended up talking to their drummer for 10 minutes about bacon rolls before realising he was in the band. While James -The singer/songwriter of the band- is much more fun in person than his sad songs would have you believe. On-stage he comes across as a sort of depressed Al Yankovic, telling bad jokes in between songs. While their new album is a huge step up in terms of production, their live show is still as DIY and stripped back as it ever has been. With no more than a wooden stick, bucket and wooden box as the drum-kit and James on acoustic guitar. Crywank put on a captivating live show. This is mostly down to James' talent as a guitarist. Despite him claiming on stage to not be very good at guitar, I'm impressed by his finger picking ability, and almost Spanish style of playing. It wasn't a huge crowd but it was obvious that they were blown away by how much the crowd loved them. There were plenty of funny moments. Like Dan getting to sing his song about paper-clips, the crowd getting the chance to scream whatever shit we liked during 'privately owned Spiral Galaxy' . James broke a string and used it as a guitar strap, before borrowing Luke's guitar for the rest of the show. Even after 20 songs they got an encore request. After the show I got my Vinyl copy of 'Tomorrow...' signed with the messages "Yo James don't die soon, much love" from James and "I'm overwhelmed, thank you, Dan", with a drawing of a snail** -His spirit animal-. In true DIY style, they had no place to stay that night, and swapped exclusive demo CD's for weed. 
Afterwards me, Crywank and few others went to the pub, despite only being strangers before the show, it was a good night. 

* I missed Craterface, who was the first support act. 
 ** It's a strange coincidence that La Priest also drew a snail on my copy of his album, they'd probably get along. 


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