Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lunar Festival Review! (Saturday 4th June)

Woke up feeling very rough, and came to accept that I wouldn't get to see every band/do every single workshop. I heard a bit of Seeland (6/10) from over in the vintage stalls, whose music seems to shift between pastoral progressive rock to mind blowing psych rock. Recent Heavenly Records signings Amber Arcades (8.4) are one of the coolest bands I saw all weekend, with their vintage threads and chilled out, modern psychedelic rock. They reminded me a bit of Joesfin Ohrn the day before but more mellow. Annelotte De Graff, exudes slacker cool on stage and she is absolutely lovely in person. Amber Arcades’ set was one of the big surprises of the weekend, as I became a fan of theirs immediately afterwards. Bill Ryder Jones (6.4) a very dry northern sense of humour that contrasts the melancholy nature of his songs. Despite the subject matter of his songs, it was a very enjoyable set. A teenage girl passed out from heat at the corner of the stage and without breaking a sweat or stopping his strumming threw a bottle of water out for her. The main highlights other than the banter, were 'Two to Birkenhead' and 'Satellites'. Yet I still think that Bill has yet to write as many great songs as he could have.  Ibibio Sound System were fantastic, but I missed most of their party vibes, to check out local heroes, Rhino and The Ranters (8.8). Who have a fantastic front-man in Ryan Webb, a true entertainer, with a huge presence, who is a great entertainer as well as a singer. Their mix of Blues, Rockabilly, Folk and Punk thrilled the Bimble Inn. Their drummer put on a fairy light covered Skiffle Board, and jumped into the crowd.
Television (6.4) were slightly disappointing. They played all the songs from Marquee Moon, but not in the same order, were blighted by technical issues and the bits between songs were filled with pointless jamming. Tom Verlaine's voice also lacks the embittered snarl that made the band so alluring first time round. All this aside however they were still brilliant. They sounded very tight, and it was a joy seeing these classic songs played live. By the time they played 'Marquee Moon' in full none of my complaints mattered. Returning brummie big beat heroes Bentley Rhythm Ace (9.2) really know how to put on a show. Their stage was covered in neon LED lights, which covered a mini cooper, an actual air raid siren and most of their instruments. They bought along a huge smiley face flag, and wore gold and silver capes and suits. They bought along fire jugglers and exotic dancers, and that's before I get to the music. BRA have the best Rhythm section in the business, their funky bass guitar and incredible drumming was the backdrop to their funky and incredibly danceable big beat tunes, all of which was the perfect start to the nights clubbing.

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