Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Swim Deep, Fueiho Boogie (Review + vid)

I've tried not to do many reviews of the Swim Deep tracks that are being leaked towards the release date of 'Mothers' as I've wanted to wait until I can do a full album release, But this one's just too good to  not write about. Ultimately it's been a strange ride for me being a Swim Deep fan, First falling in love with them, falling out of love with them, and being swept off my feet again  by what is a totally new band. 'To my brother' confused me, 'Grand Affection' and 'Namaste' impressed me, and 'One great song'  is the one that really made me love them again.  Yet while all of these are pretty great pop songs, they are still pretty lightweight as Psychedelic songs. This all changes with Fueiho Boogie, which the band say was "truly heavenly to record" and is inspired by their "trip to japan and finding out about the Fueiho law making it illegal to dance in clubs". The law has now been lifted, which the band seem to be taking credit for. Dreamtrak is the producer of this 'Sonic Spaghetti Junction' and from the moment you press play it sounds like 3 songs playing at once, but it works better than that did on 'To my brother'. It' starts all a bit dark and menacing with synths blaring like sirens and an almost Nine Inch Nails style ambience behind it. Aussie is clearly revelling in the irony of the song's title. Singing about being in the 'house of  fun'. His singing switches from deep and moody to a high pitched whine in the trippier parts, yet he's not buried in the mix or taking centre stage.
Amazingly the whole song is 8 minutes long yet it the time flies by and it never outstays it's welcome.  In parts it's almost shoegazy, not far from what The Horrors have been doing lately, especially during the keyboard solo at 3:45, but it's obvious that rave, techno and acid house are some of the main influences here. The vibe is pure 80's-90's pill popping, wide eyed, high energy, Dance-trance-indie. and when the amen breaks kick in, the beats seem to have been lifted straight from The Prodigy's classic 'Music For the Jilted Generation LP'. Yet for all the references to the past I've dropped, this is clearly a song for 2015, It's by far the best thing Swim Deep have done yet. I'm really looking forward to my signed 'Mothers' CD arriving on 2/10, though no album  is good enough to justify a bundle with an £8(!) pair of socks included. Also I should probably mention that Mothers is the name of the iconic, but short lived venue which was in Birmingham until the early 70's. Many psych legends played there, so big up to Swim Deep for doing their history homework.

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