Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The B- Town Blog knows karate

Apologies for the lack of blogs lately,  I took a little bit of time off  from seeing bands and getting turnt up at Uprawr for various reasons, but mainly because I wanted to focus on my lifelong ambition of being a Black Belt. As the photo below shows I did this, but I also bled all over a nice white suit in the process. My lips are still healing while the resulting adrenaline crash and headache took a day to wear off. Becoming a black belt in Karate is an ordeal more punishing than 10 God Damn gigs, but I got my belt. My graffitti blog is enjoying great sucess over at https://instagram.com/birminghamstreetart/ and I am going to the Lunar Festival in less than a month. This time I will be doing the entire festival and camping so I wont miss a second. It'll keep me in blogs for a few weeks. Say hi to me if your down there. I'm hoping to meet J, Wilgoose Esq to tell him how much I love Public Service Broadcasting's race for space album. The B-Town Blog will return very soon with  more reviews and recommendations of bands you've never heard of.  Cheers

James Thomas

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