Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Boss Hoss, 6/11/2014

Okay, so the other day I saw Motorhead and the Dammed at the NIA, (I refuse to call it the Barclaycard arena) but before I tell you all about that I am going to tell you about the first band on. The Boss Hoss. I knew absolutely nothing about this band before going into the venue, but if I didn't know Motorhead were on I would have thought they were headlining. A massive flag of their name above a tiger adorned the stage, as well as cow skulls complete with light up eyes and loads of flashing lights. Personally I don't like support bands with ideas about their station, and this stage set up alienated me from the start. Music wise the idea of a rock band that has 2 singers, 2 drummers, a synchronised dancing, sombrero wearing horn section and a ketyar player will either sound awesome or awful to you. Of the two singers one was just a guy with an acoustic guitar singing and playing the songs, the other was dancing more than singing, and when he sung it was in a much thicker deep south accent, he also played a little drum-kit at one point and rode his stool as if he was riding a bull.  Each member was wearing a sleeveless grey tunic, the uniform, matched with the showmanship gave me some idea of how Rammstein would look and sound if they'd come from Mississippi rather than Germany.  Which is appropriate considering that the Boss Hoss are from both Berlin and the Mississippi

I personally felt that the bands Country + Western/Mariachi style contrived and silly. It all felt more Birmingham Alambama than Birmingham, West Midlands. I completely understand that they wanted to put on the most  amazing show they could but  I think under everything there is a great rock n roll band. I like Rock n' roll to be raw, powerful and off the cuff rather than theatrical and over blown so The Boss Hoss just didn't do it for me. But maybe they will for you.

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