Sunday, October 19, 2014

I completed the Bupa Great Birmingham Run!

I would like to tell you all about the great effort that I put in today taking part in the Bupa Great Birmingham run.  A distance of 13.1 miles over terrain that is noted for being difficult. I had been training for this run over the previous weeks, running alone through Robin hood and Yardley Wood. Unfortunately after all this effort I had picked up a cold  two days ago which I am still shaking off, and the night before I hardly got any sleep at all, So I was feeling confident but a bit worried before hitting the start line. The main irony which I have noticed about this race after watching it on TV is that some of the most famous runners in the world took part in this race yet I bet I felt more like a celebrity than they did.


Warm ups began near the Jewellery Quarter as some bloke from Free Fm got us to all march, squat, wave and stretch to a bunch of pop hits.  It took a while for things to get underway as each group separately left the gates but once we did I felt good. 


I had to remind myself a lot for the first part of the run that I should not be tempted to sprint ahead like the many people overtaking me. I realised that I had to stick to the same pace that I would during a practise run or I would end up burning out.

Throughout the entire run there were people cheering me on throughout, reading my name then shouting it back at me, there were kids hi fiving the runners as they came past, there were people sitting outside their houses blasting the rocky theme tune to encourage us and handing out jelly babies for us (which I sensibly avoided). There were many bands on the path, from old timey swing to bluesgrass, there was about three different groups just playing the drums. People took it upon themselves to help out with this whether it be people in their front garden shouting  or the one person doing a DJ set in the gazebo in  her front garden. It was hard to argue with the amount of good causes being raised for, shout outs go to the Lion guy, Eagle Guy, Giraffe guy (Who I think gave up after a while) and the Wolverhampton bobsled team'. 

Another new experience was never being low on water. I felt sick after drinking too much lucozade, but on the plus side I could amuse myself by stamping on water bottles, creating little water jets that sprayed the other runners. The last mile or so was every bit as difficult  as the hype suggests, with at least two miles of solid up hill climbing. I made it though!  and apart from a piss I didn't stop once. i feel good but very tired  from this run,  it was hard work and I've got the sores to prove it, but I also got a rather cool little goodie bag. 

Oh and my time? 2:31:45


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Runners in the Great Birmingham Run


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