Wednesday, May 7, 2014

KILLR PUNX Acoustic Show

Modern minds cancelled their headline set at the Killr Punx Acoustic night at TALK at the very last minute, despite the whole thing being first booked 2 months ago. Needless to say, they won't get booked again. This left  TALK looking very empty, with the two other acts Alex Moir  and Charlie Boswell  to fill in themselves.

Charlie was First, he's a talented bloke, a skinny guy in moddish clothes playing covers of songs by acts such as Oasis, the Verve, even a cover of 'Hurt'. The guy has clearly gone through a bad break up or two as his own songs are detailed confessions of heartbreak. Beautiful, melancholy pieces they were, but after about half an hour. Sitting there drinking a beer and listening to these songs in a pretty much empty pub made me feel a little bit depressed. It wasn't the guys fault of course but it takes a very special singer-songwriter to captivate an audience for 45 minutes. This sort of set would have worked at an open mic, but not this night.

Alex Moir is just about talented enough to pull it off. Coming across as a sort of hybrid of Joe Strummer, Marcus Mumford and Eddie Izzard. Some of his songs cover social issues, but without coming across as preachy or politicised. Every song sounded like he actually had something worth saying, which is refreshing these days. The Marcus Mumford comparison comes from his voice, a similar sort of howl to everyone's favourite waist-coat wearer. While his vintage shirt, bright blonde hair and air of general camp-but-definitely- not-gay-ness earned him the Eddie Izzard comparison.

He's a very talented guitarist and entertaining guy, and the banter kept on rolling non stop from the moment he walked into the room. Overall this was a bit of a flop. There was 10 people there including performers and staff.  So not a great night, but better than staying home watching Dr Who re-runs.

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