Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Vitamin + Charlie Pitt. Live at COW 10/2 Review

I think there should be more gigs at vintage shops. If you feel awkward and self conscious  being there by yourself you can just look through racks of clothes, and if you're with someone else, instead of finding subjects to talk about you can just go looking through racks of clothes. Lack of beer is a bit of a downside though. Surprisingly this freebie gig had a support act, local Access To Music student Charlie Pitt. Charlie only played a handful of songs, and those were mostly covers, but I liked the echoey sound from his semi-acoustic guitar. he's  got a good voice and his own songs show a lot of early potential,  he covered 'Creep*' Something by Fleetwood Mac, and 'UNI' by Ed Sheeran. Ed is one of Charlie's main influences and despite being a long term Sheeranhater**, I was pretty impressed by  how good a cover it was. I also like the line, 'time flies like throwing watches of buildings' from one of his own songs. Clever stuff.
Vitamin are so hip that they should be attached to a torso, so hip that tonight was part of a tour of COW vintage shops***. The band NME once described as 'Leeds answer to the 1975' have scrapped drums for electronic beats and steel pan drums. Unlike the rather tuneless steel-pan rubbish you hear in shopping centres. Vitamin use the instrument sparsely and melodically. Like me they've probably been listening to a lot of Jamie XX lately. Their music is not quite indie rock, not quite pop and not quite electronic. It's an upbeat and chilled out mix of all that, not far off from Bastille or early Swim Deep.
Vitamin have an inbuilt audience of teenage girls with multicoloured hair, which is only set to grow. Their singer has the natural swagger of a star. He has hair that looks like it was messed up on purpose and clothes that barely hang onto him. You can even see it in the way he stands, sort of half balanced - half couldn't give a fuck.
The only thing I love more than free gigs is free shit. Vitamin reward their fans with free T shirts-which vanished as soon as people realised were free. They were actually really cool dye - dipped shirts. They also had free Tote bags. I never though I'd say this, but I now have far too many tote bags. After only a handful of songs, they were mobbed by a small crowd of fans. I think that all Vitamin need are a few catchy tunes and they really could be the next big thing.

*By Radiohead. Obviously
** No need to go over all that again, I wrote about it at length here.
*** Until today I thought there was only one.

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