Saturday, February 20, 2016

Luke Rainsford, Wallflower, Insominiacs: Live at The Flapper Review (18/2/16)

Luke Rainsford
I had come to The Flapper to witness and be a part of Crime and Punishment's music video shoot for their song 'Clones'. Weatherstate were headlining and 6 bands were on the bill including the excellent Smart Casual. I will talk about those three in the next blog but for now I will focus on the first three. The first act on was Luke Rainsford. Who is the singer in Wolverhampton punks Layover. At a lot of shows lately I have seen solo singer songwriters perform.  Luke is one of the best of these I have seen for a while. His songs are simple and passionate, as well as being very easy to relate too. Smart Casual were at the front heckling him, but it was all very friendly. Luke's music has a bit of an emo feel despite being just him and his acoustic guitar, almost like an acoustic Funeral for a Friend. Overall his set was a lot better than I'd expected the token singer-songwriter at a pop-punk show to be.
South Londoners Wallflower were a bit more moody, a little bit emo, and a little bit shoegazy. Some of their songs were fast paced and some were a bit more slow and melancholic. They play well togther as a band and they've got some nice bassy guitar tones and melodies in their songs. I enjoyed their set but can't think of an awful lot to say, or other bands to compare them too.
Next up was The Insomniacs. As it turns out there is a good pop-punk scene in Birmingham that  has been pretty much under my nose the whole time. Local bands such as 'All the Rest' and Smart Casual have been bringing the genre back to its former glories. Redditch's Insomniacs evoke the good old days of Bowling For Soup, Blink 182, Sum 41 and yelling WOOOOAAAHHH  OHHHH!! at the top of your voice. It's not really my thing but they seem to be having fun with it. They got a couple of kids dancing, and had a good time. And that's really all this rock n roll thing is about isn't it?
The Insomniacs


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